Small grame Glock with a double undercut triggerguard and full wrap medium stippling.

Weapon retention and consistent repeatable grip are one of the keys to accurate shooting. We offer custom grip enhancements for polymer, fiberglass, wood, and metal rifle stocks or handgun frames. Whether you wear gloves and want a very aggressive texture or carry concealed but still want positive weapon retention. The enhancements can be set according to your needs by customizing the pattern and aggressiveness of the texturing. We offer three different styles of texturing. We also offer undercutting and grip reduction of polymer handgun frames.

Stippling Texture: This is a heat treatment texture applied to plastic and polymer such as handgun frames, grips, AK or AR furniture. The texture is applied directly to the item and is not an added on enhancement. It can be applied in varying aggressiveness to suit your individual needs. We offer full wrap, inset pattern, finger pad pattern, or custom designs. It is available in fine to very aggressive texture.

Marine Tex Texture: Is a two part epoxy applied to the prepared surface. It can be applied to metal, wood, fiberglass, or plastics where a permanent modification to the item is not desired. It can be removed at a later date and the item returned to original configuration. It is available in fine to very aggressive texture.

Pebble Style Texture: This is a spray on polyurethane base treatment primarily used to rifle stocks and optics knobs to provide a light to mild texture. It is the pebble finish found on non molded in color stocks for McMillan and Manners Composite Stocks.

StipplingMarine TexPolane T
Large Polymer Frame$100.00$90.00

Medium Polymer Frame$90.00$80.00

Small Polymer Frame$80.00$75.00

3/4 Wrap Pattern$90.00 all frame sizes$90.00

Inset Pattern$80.00 all frame sizes$65.00 all frame sizes$65.00 all frame sizes
Forward Finger Pads$15.00$15.00

Back Straps / Front Straps$25.00$25.00

Magazine pads or base plates$15.00$15.00

Complete stocks pebble finish$25.00 per stock
Stock palm swell$40.00$25.00
Stock fore arm$50.00$30.00
Optics adjustment knobs$10.00 ea$10.00 ea
Knife handles$30.00$30.00$30.00